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The Best of The Week

I don’t know
That I believe in
Two become one


I miss that space
Sharing skin
Entwined intensity
Losing track of
Where you end
And I begin
Two becoming tangled

Most days it sits
Comfortably in the
Back of my mind
A delicious ache
Waiting for future
Escapes together

Then some days
You catch me off guard
An unexpected, intentional touch
A secret letter hidden in plain sight
Dapper new garb that leaves hints of collar bone
And my knees get weak
And I have to remember
There are people around

But you know
In my mind
I’m breathless
Touching your core

But most of all, about people itself. Yes, I know how ironic it sounds, we're talking about "super-heros" here.

Before I go on, lets set things straight: I've only watched the show, it's 5am and I didn't sleep, so let's take everything with a grain of salt, thank you (and btw: this is probably going to get long).

• First off: What do I mean?
The Umbrella Academy is about people, their flaws, their fears, their envy, attachments, grieve, their…

An Art Show, A Comicon, and a Salon

The art show takes place in a high school, but it's a school with a specialized art department that draws youth from across the region. Artists of tomorrow sell original works for top prices: detailed paintings, graphic novel excepts, multimedial constructions. A young woman displays ceramic tampons and IUDs, calling her exhibit a "Period Piece." I exited up the stairwell at the far end of the building. I could hear sounds, reminiscent of the student…

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