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9/2016: Cool Man Eddie says Sweet! NanceMuse just awarded you a Gold Star, because earning the honor of "Most Confusing Quest Ever" deserves more than 2 GP.

Photo taken Thanksgiving 2015: we took a photo 15 years ago of my then spouse and me holding up our kids: so this year we reversed it.

single payer healthcare, medicare for all, so we can join the civilized countries....


My flog, I mean blog, is resurrected.

I may set up another one for poetry and another for stories.

Tem42 has the why.

A good part of the reason:

/me misses grundoon the most
/me misses wertperch
/me misses sensei
/me misses Simulacron3: I have a terrible crush.
/me misses demeter
/me misses the fled the gone the absent