I'm actually seeing the odd new user here and there. Apparently they don't stick around for long. I'm also conjecturing that there's no indication of the slow pace of this site (slow compared with the e2 of yore, but also slow compared with, say, a regular Discord server).

I'd love to ask new users about their expectations for the pace of a site like this. But alas, they seem to be around for just a bit, and many times they don't see/write on the catbox. That, and the polls we do have are meant to be slower to accommodate for the regulars who don't log in that often.

I'd love to see what exactly drives new users to this site since, say, March 2020. What did they see? What prompted them to make a new account on a site where most things are public? Is it the expectation of publishing something themselves? Could be, although there's lots of places to do that. Is it the desire for community? Perhaps, but that too is also not exclusive to e2.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all in favor of e2, mostly because this mixture of content, people, and place to publish is unique. Not even the old forums where I'm "an old user" have this strange mixture, in this particular way. Writing in a mostly non-threaded way, talking about those non-threaded writeups and getting to know each other doesn't exactly happen like this anywhere else on the internet. Connecting things in such an obvious and visible way (softlinks) is also pretty much unique.

So, what is it?

If you're new here (arrived after March 2020), please send me a line or two.