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American comic book series, published by Marvel Comics beginning in 2018. Al Ewing is the writer, the main illustrator is Joe Bennett, and the cover art is provided by painter Alex Ross.

When the Hulk was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1962, the character was as far as possible from the stereotypical lantern-jawed titan of justice. Stan Lee was inspired by a number of characters when creating him, including Frankenstein's Monster and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

And the early Hulk showed those influences very strongly. The Hulk was a misshapen brute who could only take his powered form at night. The earliest Hulk was not a "HULK SMASH PUNY HUMANS" dimwit, but he didn't have the refined intellect of Bruce Banner. He was cunning. He was, frankly, a raging asshole. And he could occasionally shapeshift in strange and unplanned ways.

Of course, time marched on, and it wasn't…

The π FAQ

(also known as Why Pi is not special in the way you think it’s special)

By Andycyca, based on this GitHub repo, but with added links for E2.

This version: 2020-10-20

  • What is this?
  • 1 Is π random?
  • 2 Is π infinite?
  • 3 Do the digits of π digits go on forever?
  • 4 How can we be sure that the digits of π go on


Jack’s Pit Stop was a hole-in-the-wall

the place was open 24/7

two bucks would buy you a pitcher of beer

a bowl of white bean soup with cornbread

Jack was Irish and full of bluster

wrinkled as a tobacco leaf

we stumbled out of the clubs at three

the sky was black and the birds were asleep

and we went to Jack’s for patty melts

we were so young

he called us his babies


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September 26: Stanislav Petrov Day.

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