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The Best of The Week

After two days of sun so bright and temperatures reaching 80F, we were hit with a forty degree drop and heavy rain. Rain so drunken that at 8:30pm when I was dozing in front of the television in snowflake flannel pajamas watching Derek Jacobi in LAST TANGO IN HALIFAX, the house mates woke me. "Mom, our room is leaking from the doorway ceiling!"

My head-of-household and motherly protective instincts kicked in. I assessed the dripping where someone had placed a towel on the floor. Use a pot or bucket instead; let's check upstairs. Knowing the previous source, I checked the room above but saw no leakage although even if I had, the way to the spot was blocked by boxes and chairs, a sewing machine. Stuff to be dealt with when I'm ready.

One son had dragged a rickety old ladder I thought had been taken to the dump or burned in our back yard, was climbing up to push open the attic crawl space where the real root of the problem…

thunderclap. two great oaks
and a young man between them
just before it begins to rain
a few leaves on the wind
tumbling before graying skies
the last orange fingers slipping from the fences
as he opens his mouth to ask
the trees say, husssh...

at the end of a walk around the neighborhood

It's been months now since it happened. I figured that some distance would provide a more useful perspective on events rather than writing something while still in the fallout of the event. Who knows, arguably I'm in the perpetual fallout, the nuclear winter of our friendship. She would appreciate that line.

Flash back a month or so further, and I'm out of town on business. By pure chance I happen to be one town over from where she's living with her wife. The last time I saw her was before…

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April 1: April Fool's Day has been cancelled. Everyone just go home. Easter too.

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January 1: Gregorian New Year.

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