Words arranged in interesting ways

The Best of The Week

     3        2    2'       3'     
      \      /      \      /       
       C == C        C -- C        
      /      \      //    \\       
4 -- C        C -- C        C -- 4'
      \\    //      \ 

My husband ended up having not only a mastectomy but general anesthesia. All last week he was nervous, so I decided to have him attend the Adult Day Care Center to keep his mind off the upcoming surgery, which worked quite well in distracting him. I could make the necessary phone calls and prepare the house for what I thought would be a simple procedure, simple recovery. Nothing went as planned.

In what I can only describe as…

Ancient Aliens is a science fiction mockumentary television show currently airing on H2, an offshoot of the History Channel. It is currently in its seventh season, having been on the air since its original pilot episode in 2009. The premise is simple: that throughout recorded (and even unrecorded) history, extraterrestrial biological entities have been visiting the planet Earth and guiding its progress for unknown reasons. To add an air of authenticity, Ancient