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The Best of The Week

Manic Street Preachers (affectionately known as “the Manics” by their fans) are a rock band who formed in South Wales in the late 1980s. Their original lineup consisted of James Dean Bradfield (guitar/vocals), Nicky Wire (bass/occasional vocals/lyrics), Sean Moore (drums) and Richey Edwards (rhythm guitar/lyrics).

As childhood friends growing up in the mining town of Blackwood, the Manics were avid consumers of literature, history, politics and glamour. Their first album Generation Terrorists (1992) was heralded by controversial manifestos and spray painted slogan shirts, along with the now trademark leopard print, glitter and eyeliner. Perhaps the most shocking early moment of the band was when Richey Edwards cut the words 4REAL into his forearm with a razorblade. Despite declaring they would sell 16 million albums and then split up, the band went on to produce more mature, commercially friendly second album Gold Against The Soul in 1993. Critics were starting to believe…

Effective Altruism (EA) is a movement that attempts to maximize the good done in the world by appling critical thinking skills to charity and ethical action.

For the most part, you might consider yourself an effective altruist if you carefully consider a wide range of charities before giving or volunteering, research them carefully to determine which is the best use of your time and money, and arrange your life to better serve these causes -- by giving more,…

The only way I know what year it was when I moved to New Orleans was that it was the year of the 'King Tut' exhibition, 1977-1978. I had been staying in and around Washington DC the previous year, and for various reasons which seemed sufficient at the time I decided to walk to Boston to spend the summer there. I got about as far as Plymouth and took a bus the rest of the way.