E2, Brute?

The Best of The Week

Progress continues, apace. Which, of course, is what progress does. Making that tautological. But nevermind.

I've been able to eat a few additional foods. I've so far gone beyond liquids with:

These have all been most welcome despite my being limited to approximately 4-6 tablespoons of any combination of them at any given time. I've been very tentative as I explore the possibilities, figuring that if it's only two weeks until I'm allowed to eat actual solid food, I might as well just wait for that. The longer I go without it, the longer the 'relatively easy' weight loss will continue, and the lower the surgery risk as far as I can tell.

After a week stuck between 298 and 301, today I was finally below that, and feel like I'm continuing downward. Something had to give, I wasn't eating any more calories. I think…

Yesterday before the rain

I cut the grass,

filled the bird feeder

and moved two grey wooden lawn chairs

For a few brief moments

I pretended he was with me

happy that the sky was blue

happy that the small birds

were chirping in the bushes

As the clouds moved over us

I asked my ghost husband,

"why did you leave so…

A foglet is an individual unit of utility fog, a microbot that floats in the air. Each foglet would be designed to communicate and connect, as needed, with thousands or millions of other foglets.

Currently, neither utility fog nor foglets exist, although they have been well explored in science fiction. Being substantially larger and more complex -- individually, at least -- than nanobots, they are better able to act on a human scale. As opposed to goo, foglets generally do…